Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to care for your dog

       All new and experience dog owners know that taking care of a dog is not always so easy so my next blog is about how to make it a bit easier on new dog owners who are dealing with the crying puppy at night and those little accidents that happen even when we take all the steps to prevent them :).

  1. When you bring your new pup into his/hers new home let them roam around the house and don't fallow them just let them be, yes they will mark a few places but in my experience its better this way so the pup will be able to know that hes been there before and its not a strange place.
  2. After you let your pup roam around make sure to let him know where his food and water bowl are and always make sure he has water.
  3. Start teaching him right away, or else you will have a really unruly puppy.
  4. Feed him at the same time you will eat and keep him in a room away from where you are eating so he will learn not to beg for food.
  5. Do not feed you dog chocolate as it can be fatal but once in a while a small peace wont hurt. We believe that dogs should eat veggies and some raw meat once in a while after all they will always have a wild side :D any bird bones should not be given to dogs epically if they are cooked as they can splinter and cause ruptures in your dogs tummy.
  6. Keep lots of toys around for your dog or pup to keep them from chewing your furniture.
  7. Walk your dog regularly its a great bonding experience and keeps your dog from being too stressed, and it will keep you fit.
  8. Wash your dog once a month or as much as you seem fit or as much as your vet advises you too. Always be care full to not get water in your doggies ears.

So here are some tips I will keep updating them as soon as possible!

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