Thursday, November 11, 2010


         Husky's are a very amazing breed, Ive had many husky's and they have all been very amazing and I guess i can say we've been lucky because they have turned out to be the opposite of what the breed are described as being. Huskys are usually very independent dogs and don't like to be toldwhat to do, well not out huskys they are all so loving and dependable on us, they don't mind doing what they are told to do. We love our huskys so much and we recommend them to anyone who wants a dog who is loving and loyal, the only downside to them is that they shed like crazy and if you like having a nice clean house huskys will not be the dog for you. There are great desheading tools out there and they do work wonders like for example the furminator we use this on our dogs once a week during the time they shed and you will not find those ugly balls of hair all over the place, and once a month when they aren't shedding just to keep their coat clean.
           One more thing we love about huskys is the way they "talk", yes its not really talking but sometimes it does sound like they do talk back to you. Our huskys love talking in the morning and when they need to go outside to do their daily business. Our little one knows how to say I love you but she doesnt say it all the time.
            Well I could talk more about huskys but i will just write them on another blog i think this is enough for tonight. :) I hope that if you are looking for a dog you consider getting a husky you will not regret it!!

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