Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to care for your hair.

Taking care fo your hair is very important, it is what makes us feel beautiful and it hels us change in just a cuple of hours. My first tip on your hair would be to never color you hair at home, ofcourse if you cant afford to go to a hairstylist just do it at home or save up until you can. I cant tell you how many people ive seen who have come in to the salon with self colored hair and they end up spending 2 times more money than if they had just came over to th salon in the first place. Coloring our own hair can leave you with spots of different colors and for those who decide to bleach their own hair I say good luck and i hope your hair doesnt fall off.
My second tip would be to buy a good shampoo and a good leave in conditioner, and buy something that is acording to your hair type. Also ask your hairstylist for tips on your hair, no one knows more on your hair than your hair stylist

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